2017-05-15 Add lastal's -C option to last-train
2017-04-18 Improve last-train sampling for long queries, e.g. chromosomes
2016-11-04 Reduced last-train's default sample size to 1 million.
2016-11-04 Documented rows/columns of last-train matrices.
2016-11-01 Made last-train print matrices more prettily.
2016-11-01 Improved last-train doc.
2016-10-25 Made last-train use a random sample of the query sequences.
2016-08-01 Fixed last-train crash with gap existence cost < 0.
2015-12-02 Added -P multithread option to last-train.
2015-10-27 Made last-train more robust to very low counts.
2015-10-07 Made last-train handle zero counts more robustly.
2015-10-07 Made last-train more likely to find a compatible version of LAST.
2015-10-06 Added -s and -m options to last-train.
2015-10-05 Added -S option to last-train, and to docs.
2015-10-05 Refactoring.
2015-06-12 Added last-train!